Monday, January 23, 2006

Wink has a birthday

Hey: they celebrate 6-month-old birthdays on The L Word. So why not? Happy birthday to Wink and her sister, Ginger.
happy birthday wink

On to other news....had a craptastic day today. But I figure things can only be looking up after a full blast of craptastic. Wink agrees.
things are looking up


brett said...

i'm frightened. is becoming we love the wink, but miss lelo. you are out of control.

as ya.

Kathryn said...

Winky is the cutest and I like that URL, Lelo, maybe you should look into that...
Happy Birthday to the girls! I'm afraid Gingers went un-noticed because she had her puppy class graduation instead!

LeLo said...

Brett, Control is for wusses. You can't fight the cuteness, hater. Now I must go check for the url.

RSG, congratulations to Ginger upon her graduation. I'm afraid Wink is still learning her name, but we have faith she'll keep to her studies!

Blogzie said...

Is that a German Chocolate cake from Von's? On sale for $4.99?

I just bought the same cake for my Dad's 75th birthday celebration.

My oh my, it is a small world after all.

Happy 1/2 Birthday to The Winkster.


Anonymous said...

LeLo I LOVE IT!!!!!! NoPo's version of Bette and Tina celebrating Angelica's six month birthday! I couldn't tell, but did you add Psycho Alice's name to Sweet Baby Winkie's birthday cake? If needed, I'm available to be Wink's "Manny". Love Ya, Mean it, MMMMWAH!!!!

LeLo said...

Blogzie; Your Vons is called our Safeway. And you're right. Too weird! I'll pass your wishes onto Winky doodle.

Anonymous: You nailed it exactly. You need to start signing your anonymous posts here as Manny. I can't get over that name!!!!! (for those who don't watch The L Word, "manny" is the name of the male nanny for the daughter of two lesbians. He calls himself the manny.)

Kathryn said...

Wink is getting a MANNY????
Oh, Ginger is going to be jealous.
But, can I be Wink's "Earth Mother?"

Anonymous said...

I just need to set the record straight -