Thursday, January 12, 2006

Sunset Magazine lists “Best of the West” and Portland’s Aerial Tram

I haven’t been following the hoopla, drama, visions or planning around Portland’s Aerial Tram, mainly thinking it’s probably so far in the future it will be years until I see it. Well, I think time is passing me faster as I get older because I just read it’s opening this fall.

Among my Christmas bounty was a subscription to Sunset Magazine. Sidenote here: I really like this magazine. My mom got it when I was growing up, and I guess I’ve just grown up with it. It’s like a grown-up, not snobby regional magazine. And while it may be a bit housewifey* I like the local focus on regional produce and recipes, garden and home projects that are environmentally responsible and good tips for weekend getaways or travel in the west. Okay, back on track…Reading my first issue included Best of the West. In the Best Public Transport section are three top picks: Bainbridge Island Ferry, Las Vegas Monorail, and Portland Aerial Tram. I didn’t think it was open yet, and it’s not. But here’s what they say…
In this city known for groundbreaking public works, the 500-foot-high tram is one to watch. Opening this fall, it connects the up-and-coming South Waterfront to Marquam Hill. Project manager Matt Brown promises that the cars’ futuristic aluminum skin will look “like soap bubbles floating in the air.”

I’m looking forward to seeing it. I know there are folks out there in blogland who think it’s a boondoggle (rim shot) but I’m holding out judgement. I just hope it’s not only beautiful but ends up uniquely serving a transportation need.

Follow up to my post about the corner gentrification forgot:
I am hearing from the city that there’s really no regulation regarding business paint, which is surprising to me. For reference to my rant about a local corner (see above photo) and its lack of aesthetics, see here . I’m surprised: if there’s city regulation to aesthetics of snout houses, zoning, mowing your lawn, etc., I don’t understand how it’s okay to partially spray paint your business on a highly visible corner in bright green, let it drip all over the place, and not finish the job. I doubt this will be an issue in the “up-and-coming South Waterfront”, but it is an issue in North Portland.

*I’m touchy: someone recently subtly referred to me as the housewife type, and I was like, hey now. I’m a busy business lady and a feminist lesbian activist (as described in a publication recently), but housewife?! Not that there’s anything wrong with being a housewife, but…..


Kathryn said...

Maybe whoever described you as a housewife was confusing you with me! I know I confuse you with me all of the time...

Anonymous said...

Dirty little "domestic queen" secret here, I have a huge stash (100's of copies) of Sunset from my youth. My ex tried to get me to pitch 'em but here they stay waiting for me to rediscover their "hmm" filled pages