Thursday, July 14, 2005

Ha ha! Tim Nashif of the Defense of Marriage Coalition/Oregon Family Council is busted!

You have to see the movie. The double-talk and lies are there for all to see. This movie so kicks ass.
“Same-sex couples should seek marriage-like rights through another avenue, such as civil unions.” Tim Nashif, Oregon Family Council Director and an organizer of the Measure 36 campaign Bend Bulletin 8/20/2004
Well, Tim, we are now doing just that, and funny, but the Oregon Family Council seems to be backtracking on your words.



Anonymous said...

Hey, I've heard about these creatures who speak untruths with forked tongues.

Sigh. If only these people would put their energies towards something that really does need to be addressed - like taking care of Oregon's hungry and homeless.


Joseph said...

OMG!!! That totally got my blood boiling!

Anonymous said...

Yeah when we went through the whole civil union brewhaha here in Vermont, those hatemongers from Topeka (Rev, Phelps, I believe) camped out up here with their rainbow colored "God Hates Fags" banners. Most of us just ignored thier ignorance. They faile dto realize that almost all Vermonters totally respect and cherish their neighbors right to live their lives as they choose.
Haters. gotta love 'em

Anonymous said...

Rock on LeLo. Tu eres mi sol!