Sunday, July 17, 2005

Playing dress up on a hot afternoon

dress up
A hot thursday in October, 1976
Back to the box of childhood memories recently received. I still haven’t gone through all of them. But I love the scrapbooks, where I pasted photos with captions, my birthday cards, random pieces of paper from places I went…kind of like an early version of LeLo in NoPo. These were my best friends growing up, twins Betsy and Sally, and their dog Toto. They had the best box of dress-up clothes at their house: I always wanted to wear that double-sided satin skirt. The fabric was super smooth, and I thought it was beautiful. Shout out to Sally, who sometimes lurks on this blog all the way from Vermont. We’ll always be friends, no matter how far away we are. Miss you, your freckles, your laugh and your great taste in overalls.


Rigo said...

You hanging with a dog named Toto explains a lot :)

Rozanne said...

That is a wonderful photo. (I am a sucker for old photos.)

What's so cool about looking at photos like this is that you know someone just snapped it without much thought as to composition or posterity and yet--it just perfectly captures friendship, attitude, delight, and personal style. Know what I mean?