Monday, July 25, 2005

Where in Oregon is this?

tasty view
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If you've been here, you should know where this is.

Just returned from a mini vacation and I feel great. Motored around the high desert and mountains, and worked a bit on developing that ever-elusive base tan.

So back to the picture...I keep thinking there will be different pictures on the wall when I return the next time. They're for sale. But alas, the same ones are always there. The ostrich burying his head in the sand, the Kinkade rip off, and then there's the plaques of eagles and wolves and yellow roses with sayings like Sisters are Forever. Don't make me buy you one. I've been tempted.


Rozanne said...

Hmmm. I don't know. Is it in Sisters somewhere? Didn't know if you were embedding a clue or not with that Sisters Are Forever reference.

Those ostriches are mean and creepy. Who would buy a painting like that?

LeLo said...

No embedded clues.
You may go hiking and post loverly photos of elusive locations, I post interiors of hamburger places in towns north of Bend. Go figure.

Zoe said...

Never been north of Bend really... unless Sunriver is north of there... but I don't think it is. I've been way north of Bend when driving to Montana along the Oregon Washington border- but I doubt this picture is from John Day.

Kathryn said...

Well, I know you went to Kah-nee-tah because you told me in my blog. Did you drive the Redmond route? Or go over the mountain?

I'll guess you went through REDMOND.

LeLo said...

Oh pshaw people. You've obviously never stopped at THE LAST PLACE UNTIL TEXAS TO GET A GREAT HAMBURGER in Madras. Classic. Love it there. And Rosanne, they have TOTS on the menu.

Rozanne said...

Yay! We will definitely stop there on our tour of Oregon in September.

geeekgirl said...

What about secret sauce?