Thursday, December 08, 2005

Cripes. Snow and travel don't go together.

Snow. Chicago.Chicago and snow
Sidenote here: I think in the "blog world" weather blogging may be considered "snooze level" blogging. Well, deal with it. I know ya'll got a lot of it from me this week on the weather, but as I'm originally from California, now living in Portland, the weather in Chicago this week has provided me with several informative affirmations;
-I'm very lucky to live in the beautiful climate of Portland, Oregon
-Weather below 10 degrees is a painful, hateful thing, and the strong souls that endure it are both amazing people and freaks
-I didn't know what I had growing up, spending Christmas at the beach, and never really having to wear a winter coat. (Hope you heard that mom and dad: thank you for raising me in Southern California!)
With all of that said, it's snowing out there people. It looks like it's really snowing. Here are some pics from my office window, and I'm telling you, it's not looking good. My colleague from Portland is sitting at PDX due to weather delays into Chicago, and now I'm a little worried about my flight back Friday morning. Please, lord, don't make me endure hours of waiting at the Chicago airport, or sitting in the plane on the runway, waiting for hours and hours and hours. Well, I won't worry about that until later. I still have reservations tonight at Rick Bayless' Topolobompo (whoo hoo! love that place) and I'm there no matter what.


pril said...

yah i grew up in SoCal, too. On the beach. The heaviest coat i had for years was my leather, and it was mostly for looks! But now i have experienced some weather extremes! A fall, winter and spring in Nashville, 5 tortuously hot summers in Phoenix, AZ. Almost 10 miserable, wet, dark years on the Southern Oregon Coast, and now, during my first wintern in Klamath Falls, a nighttime low of 9F. Been to Chicago in the fall. Couldn't imagine it in the winter.

More and more i actually find myself missing the 75 and sunny forcasts of SoCal.

Anonymous said...

OK LeAnn its Mom. Just lower your voice and DEAL with it....Sound familiar?
Love and warm hugs.


Kathryn said...

It was lovely here today...
oh, and you should listen to your mother.

Rozanne said...

"the strong souls that endure it are both amazing people and freaks"

I wish you had HaloScan comments, so I could indicate with laughing smiley faces how hilarious that statement is esp. the "freaks" bit. Hee. Hee.

I hope you are at this very moment enjoying some super yummy thing at Topolobompo. I never made it there, but I have eaten at Frontera.

LeLo said...

Pril-Ah, the joys of wearing coats only for fashion statements, not for warmth. Here in Chicago I've learned that scarves have a purpose: wear over your nose and mouth. Who knew?!

Mom-Yes, that sounds VERY familiar, thank you. I'll also stop stomping around with my heels. Oy vey.

RSG-So I've heard: and thanks for siding with my mother. :)

Rozanne-Yes: the freaks description was just for you, you realize that, don't you? As for Topolobompo, had to cancel reservations due to the snowstor,m: airport delays for my fellow diners meant it would have only been two of us and it's a bigger affair than that, really. :( Another time.