Monday, December 26, 2005

Hobby Lobby

Ja'AmLo and I ventured out. In Wag-A-Bag land, Hobby Lobby land, and Sac'N'Pac land. Jesus. There you are.
What to do? Bright green? Or bright pink? Thomas Kinkade? Or Guadalupe? I think you know the answer. But if you don't, check out our movie. And enjoy. Shopping the day after Christmas at Hobby Lobby in Georgetown, Texas.


Anonymous said...

Your photos are interesting but fuzzy enough to make it hard to tell exactly what I was looking at, especially those neon colored items, but it looks like Hobby Lobby is a store where one could wander around and giggle at stuff for ages. And I bet that's what you did!

I gotta know the name of the song and the singer so I can look up the lyrics. My chocolate quotient must be low because I could swear the song said "Got to be a chocolate Jesus to make me feel good inside" and "Got to be a chocolate Jesus to keep me satisfied". Do I need my hearing checked?


sttropezbutler said...

Hope you guys have been having a wonderful time. All the pics and all the posts! Thank you!


Be safe and travel well!


Rigo said...

girl are you going to be in PDX for new years? cus i'ma coming up. How do you post videos from you tube? everytime i try it gives me half a code.