Saturday, January 07, 2006

Four things you may or may not know about moi

Saw this meme over at Kami's and thought, what the hell. I'll play. So here's four things about me you may or may not know...

Four jobs you have had in your life:
~ piano teacher
~ marketing director
~ seamstress (sewing bows on crotchless underwear: paid by the piece)
~ residence hall director

Four places you've lived:
~ Camarillo, CA
~ Chico, CA
~ SE Portland
~ N Portland

Four TV shows you love to watch:
~ The L Word
~ What Not to Wear
~ Dog Whisperer (a new favorite!)
~ Daily Show

Four places you've been on vacation:
~ Tequila, Mexico
~ Bali
~ Western Australia
~ Kaui, Hawaii

Four websites you visit daily:
~ Google
~ Bloglines
~ Statcounter

Four of your favorite foods:
~ peppermint ice cream
~ chocolate
~ lasagna
~ drunken noodles

Four places you'd rather be right now:
~ On a beach in Rincon de Guayabitos, Mexico
~ Having a massage, specifically kneading out the tension and stress knot at the base of my neck and shoulder
~ Swimming in the North Fork of the Feather River in Northern California
~ Kayaking in Hawaii

Wanna play? Come on, you know you want to. Let me know if you do...


Kami said...

Okay, are you serious about the underwear job? And what are drunken noodles?

LeLo said...

Yes, I'm serious about the sewing bows on underwear! Hey, I was in college. I had a sewing machine. It was work. I needed money! (I wasn't very good.)

Drunken noodles are tasty tasty thai street cart food. You can get lovely drunken noodles at Typhoon here in Portland.

mindlessgirl said...

ok, so moving away from the daddy fixation/obsession next obsession would be clinton kelly...perhaps when merchmikey and i are in portland in the next few weeks we can all take in an episode of what not to wear...mikey has a bit of crush on clinton as well as i...and hey, would you trade free tiny merch for piano lessons???????

Kathryn said...

Does Wink bark at Cesar Milan????

LeLo said...

Clinton Kelly is adorable, but the favorite character from that show has got to be the adorable cudly Nick Arrogio (sp?). Prior to Wink coming to live with us, AdRi was set on having a dog named Nick Arrogio. As for piano lessons, that was a long, long time ago, but yes, we could talk!

RSG, Wink does not bark at Cesar, but thanks for the heads up about that show. Cesar is awesome, and amazing! Wink does perk up and is interested in the show, though. Tell Ginger to calm down: Cesar Milan is her friend! ssshhhshshhshshhhshhshshhsh. (love that technique)

mindlessgirl said...

you know, am fickle when it comes to nick...and a bit is all what is going on with his hair...but he is quite adorable on so many other levels if i weren't so damn shallow...

Anonymous said...

Loved your list. I'll play and I hope it's okay it's in your comment area (I will get my own blog one of these days soon, I promise).

Four jobs:
Detox Unit Counselor/alcohol treatment center
Janitor/Health Club
Account rep/Hospital linen rental co.
Nursery retail sales

Four places lived:
York, PA
Sunningdale, England
Lake Forest, IL (but not on the elite side)
North Lauderdale, FL

Four TV shows:
My Family (Brit comedy)

Four places vacationed:
Obergurgl, Austria (love to say that name!)
Stonehenge, England (in the days when you could go up to it)
Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands
Victoria, BC

Four daily websites:
Rainy Side
LeLo in NoPo
The Sassy Gardener
...oops, no daily fourth

Four favorite foods:
Dark chocolate
Pollo mole
Tomato soup (homemade, not canned)
Mahogany cod at M&S Grill

Four places I'd rather be:
Getting a massage (great idea!)
Carribean cruise
Portofino, Italy (ever see Enchanted April?)
Reunioning with best HS buds (30 yrs!)

This was fun - thanks for letting me play.


Anonymous said...

Crotchless undie seamstress. Wow!

Hey, I'm at the Mac store trying to decide whether an iBook or a PowerBook is better. Which would you recommend. I know I should send you a legit e-mail, but I'm trying to get in some practice typing on this very foreign iBook keyboard.


Anonymous said...

Best. show. ever. DOG WHISPERER.

Cesar Milan - I heart you so hard.

pack of 2 said...

I have that same knot in my neck & shoulder & it hurts like hell!!!