Monday, January 16, 2006

It’s got to stop.

new outfits make me feel giddy
I’ve become the woman I used to make fun of.

I have a cute little dog. And though she’s just a little bit big to be classified a purse dog, she does fit in a tote. And you know we have one for her, right?

This weekend I cleaned out some drawers in the kitchen and she has her own snack drawer now.

Retractable leash, and several soft leashes. One is tiger print. The retractable one is hot pink.

Have you seen her Christmas present bling? It’s a bejeweled collar. Hot pink.

She has two soft beds at home, and a pink and white puffball bed under my desk at work.

Her meals are dry kibble mixed with wet pouches. She prefers it not too cold. And chicken over fish.

We have wipes for her eyes, clean up wipes, and special eye pads to help with the tear stains.

She had a holiday sweater and a santa suit. She has a yellow rain coat, lined with blue fleece. Detachable hoodie.

And don’t even get me started on toys. Kong, bird, Godzilla, mini fetch ball, long dog, puppy dog, Barc Jacobs shoe toy, frog, I’ll stop there.

Greenies, dentabones, chewsticks (I call them her buttersticks).

This is ridiculous. How did I become the childless woman with two cats and a dog I dote over? I believe I’m what’s called a DINK. Dual income no kids.

Today’s the last day of shopping accroutements. It is. Really. Because today I moved on to ensembles. You know, full outfits. Accessories. Hey, she got a haircut and she’s cold! She needs a sweater! Oh my, a sweater with a fur collar….

It needed the matching bow.
i match

But that’s a little fancy. Look at the outgoing violet fleecewear.
With matching violet felt flower bow.
i feel violet today

The winter scarf is fetching, don’t you think?
fresh in from the slopes

OH MY GOD. I swear it’s ending here. I SWEAR. No more.

And for gods sake, I will NEVER do this .

I promise.


Jay said...

I'm pretty sure that as a country we take better care of our pets than we do the elderly.

Kathryn said...

I'm only a teeny tiny bit concerned. Just a teeny tiny bit beacause although we do not have coordinating outfits (yet,) we do have a raincoat, sweaters, and lotso toys.

And I HAVE kids!!!

Zoe said...

As a gerontology student I can confirm the above statement about the elderly... and although I don't have a small dog to buy coordinating outfits for, I will pretend to understand.

Heck, I'd be happy if I could get my daughter to wear a skirt to school just once. At least Wink can't say "NO!"

LeLo said...

Blog Portland, I think you're probably totally correct.
RSG, We do not have coordinating outfits for the sisters. Let's keep it that way.
Blu, Thank you for pretending to understand the craziness.

Just to clarify, I'm serious when I say it's got to stop. I've found myself going down this ridiculous consumer consumption route with this sweet little dog and in reality, she needs very little of it. I can't believe how much is out there, and as a progressive, environmentally responsible woman, I'm shocked at myself for getting sucked into it! And as I type this, there's a voice in my head that's saying "But look at that adorable faux fur neckline sweater!" See. It's these dueling voices that are tripping me out!

ComputerDiva said...

I don't consider this over the top at all. Putter has two condos (OK, crates, but she prefers the word condo), 3 beds (one for downstairs, one in my office, and one in the sewing room).

She only has one coat, but it was custom made by the neighbor down the street.

Toys. . .she has toys galore. Balls up the ying yang, kong, bird, blue monster, godzilla, jag, etc.

Then there are the bones: greenies, dentabones, the solid white ones they chew forever, and on and on.

She is not the least bit spoiled!!!

Anonymous said...

Dogs give us the kind of love that cannot be described, that moves us to our core, and gives us pleasure beyond words. Sure, the things we buy them are pointless, useless, frivolous, expensive, tacky, blah blah blah. At the same time that I'm throwing my money away on doggie rain jackets and squeaky pigs, sock monkeys (have you seen the little ones for small dogs?), organic food, etc, I know it's because those things are only meant to represent the impossibly intangible love me, Human Girl, has for my furry little canines. 'nuff said.

Anonymous said...

LOL! Thanks, Lelo, this was a great day brightener.

My cat would never stand for any outfits but he does like his stuffed animals. But I confess that we get by cheaply; the ones from McD's happy meals are the perfect size. He has 3 Babes (the talking pig from the movie).

I go overboard when it comes to pet care (not in pet lovers' eyes, of course). When my other cat's kidneys failed, we spent big bucks to extend her life. And it worked - she lived for 5 more years. Worth every penny.


Lynne said...

Darling violet fleece and scarf.

Lauri said...

Oh. My. GOD! I don't even like dogs, but now I HAVE TO HAVE ONE! My girls won't let me dress them up like that...and that purple outfit and the scarf are too cute!!!