Monday, January 30, 2006

The most expensive and elaborate dog toy in the world

Before you roll your eyes back in your head and mutter "Oh gawd, another cute dog post" take a deep breath. No it's not. While Wink may be the cutest dog on the earth (admit it), she is still a puppy. Or, in her difficult and formitive teenage years, I suppose. What's 6 months in dog age? But despite the many many dog toys she has, she has decided she has a new one. And it's very elaborate. Here it is:
Wink's very expensive new toy
Came home to find this and its remains all over her room. No big deal. It's fun to watch her with it, actually. Not easy to get her photo with it. Here's the best I could do:
Wink playing with very expensive new toy
And lest you think taking photos of the cutest dog in the world is easy, here's proof that it's not. I gave AdRi the camera for a moment so she could take a photo of this scene. Wink just didn't want to cooperate for the photoshoot. Obviously.
Me attempting to photograph Wink and new toy


Rozanne said...

Hey, you've saved yourself some time! That bottom photo can do double duty for Self Portrait Tuesday.

I love, love, love it. Fantastic candid shot of you and Wink. Love that the kitty got into the picture, too. They like to do that. I've got one on my lap right now horning in on my activities.

JuniperSky said...

Well, that's better than my standard poodle puppy who decided to empty a bag of charcoal briquets in the middle of the living room!

Zoe said...

Buddy Lee used to grab an old text books off the self and rip all of the pages out(she had a small anxiety issue when we took her crate down). The White Tornado likes to grab pub coaster off of the coffee table and rip those apart. She is so talanted at it that she can grab a coaster out from under a glass with out tipping over.
You should read the book 'Surviving Your Dog's Adolescence', it can be very helpful.

Anonymous said...

Judging by the last pic, it would appear that Wink "Owns" you.

bemused said...

hahahahahaha. I've learned that pets - and kids - prefer the boxes and bags that toys come in or mundane household items instead of the toy itself. If only I had learned this sooner, I could have saved myself mucho bucks. :-)

Great shots! I especially love that last one. MerchMikey got it right - Wink definitely "owns" you.

I hope that wasn't your last roll of TP.

LeLo said...

Rozanne: I worked hard on this week's Self Portrait Tuesday. You just sit tight for that. And of course Picasso was also involved with the photo taking: she's very interested in anything and everything I do with Wink and is usually involved. They're both learning to fetch together.

Mourningdove: Your dogs are so beautiful and I've been admiring your photos. Thanks for stopping by! I guess at least your puppy didn't LIGHT the briquets?!

Zoe: The White Tornado is very, very talented! Will check into the book. Thanks!

MerchMikey: Someone's been watching The Dog Whisperer, haven't they?

Bemused: I guess we'll refer to Wink as thrifty!